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Support your child's focus

As school starts up again, many parents wonder how best to support their kids' focus in class. Here are a few of our favorite options:

1. Fish oils

Fish oils have long been used to support focus and brain health in children. These days, most companies test to ensure their products are pure, and clean of heavy metals.

Nordic Naturals is a tried and true brand, known for purity and consistency. They have a full range of children's fish oil products, from DHA to more full-spectrum essential fatty acid products.

Another brand worth checking out is Wiley's, which is made in the U.S. Wiley's is one of the first brands to include eye-supporting lutein and zeaxanthin for children in its Elementary EPA product, ingredients which have been demonstrated to support the eyes as they are constantly exposed to the blue light from screen use.

2. Multi-vitamin

It's important to make sure your children's nutritional bases are covered. With the prevalence of easy, processed food, it can be especially important to make sure your child takes a multi-vitamin.

One of our favorites is Natural Vitality's Kids Calm, which features a higher amount of magnesium than more multi-vitamins. Magnesium may help support calm and relaxation, and can be especially important for children who have a hard time settling down and concentrating.

For children who don't like liquid multis, we have a plethora of other options!

3. Probiotics

Probiotics can certainly help support gut health, which is key to proper absorption of nutrients. But there's increasing research that the good bacteria may also help support mood, brain health, and immunity, all crucial to proper attention and learning.

There are many excellent options for children's probiotics these days, including refrigerated and shelf-stable options, capsules, powders, chewables, and gummies. While sugar content is typically higher in gummies, they can still be an excellent way to get kids to take their probiotics, especially for picky eaters.

Not sure which products are right for your kids? Come on in and our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right products for your family.

The Good Nutrition blog contains the opinions of its writers, and does not reflect the position of Good Nutrition. We are not healthcare professionals, and nothing contained in this blog should be construed as medical advice. The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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