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Drinking this New Year's Eve? Start your year off right.

It’s that time of year, when people celebrate with food and often alcoholic drink! If you’re

participating in drinking for New Year’s, here are some of our suggestions to help support your body as you do, to have a better first day of the new year!

B Vitamins

B vitamins are often used before and after alcohol consumption. B1 tends to be depleted by alcohol consumption, and B12 may be as well. Taking a B complex helps cover your bases as you metabolize alcohol. Since these vitamins are water soluble and tend not to be stored in the body, taking one before and after you drink may help.


The good news: water is a great, low-cost way to help fight the dehydration that excess alcohol consumption may contribute to! Many experts recommend one glass of water for every drink. Bonus: that will also help slow you down a little bit.


Electrolytes can help aid your body in its quest to stay hydrated. When you excrete excess water, you excrete electrolytes with it, so adding those back in can help! There are a lot of different electrolyte drinks and powders on the market, and coconut water is another popular option.


This is one of our favorites for drinking! When you drink, your body breaks the alcohol down to acetaldehyde. According to its company Himalaya, PartySmart helps by supporting your liver in preventing acetaldehyde buildup. Take one capsule with your first drink. PartySmart is sold in individual packets, and also in larger quantities so you can share with your friends!

If you need help choosing the best options to support your body in having a great start to 2023, we're here to help!

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