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Our Mission

Good Nutrition serves to provide the community healthy, wholesome options for the total well-being of our customers.  We strive to evolve with the community and the Natural Products Industry to offer the latest, cutting-edge products from the highest quality manufacturers at the best possible price.  Good Nutrition employees are here to offer knowledge and information to help you make the right selection from the widest variety of healthful products in town.

Our Story

The company was started by a husband and wife after they emigrated to the US from South Korea. They saw an opportunity to build a business to help the community in Atlanta offering natural products at exceptional prices.  They opened Nutrition Naturally in 1979.  Being new to this country, they lived and worked in the store until the business grew to the point that they could purchase a home of their own.  The store became a well-known destination in Atlanta to find healthy products and was very successful.


The vision was to expand to more stores so that they could help more Atlanteans stay healthy at affordable prices.


In 1983, they partnered with a store in Roswell called The Naturalist.  This store later moved to a much larger location.


Expansion continued with the addition of a store named Health #1 in Tucker


Good Nutrition was conceived and opened in Norcross in 1996 with the addition of additional partners.  The business flourished because of the awareness to natural, healthy products by the people of Atlanta and the fantastic prices being offered.  More partners joined the organization when there was a need for a new, much larger location.  The store in Norcross moved into a 10,000 square foot building next door, not only offering the best prices, but the largest selection of products for every need in town.  Soon all the stores became Good Nutrition.


As awareness grew, there was a need to expand the business to additional locations.  In 2004, Good Nutrition opened in John's Creek to be followed by Woodstock in 2006 and Marietta in 2007.


The partners were so pleased to be helping the people of Atlanta stay healthy that, in 2011 they ventured farther out of Atlanta and opened a Good Nutrition in Gainesville, Georgia.  There was a need for a health food store there after a couple retired and closed their store there.  A year or so later, the store moved to a newer, more modern and larger location on Dawsonville Highway.


In 2013, Good Nutrition was given an opportunity to open a store in Sandy Springs in a location where there has been a health food store for over 50 years!  Good Nutrition was happy to carry on the tradition of offering that community healthy products that had been established so long ago.


Now, Good Nutrition is the largest, independent group of natural product stores in the southeast (excluding Florida).  Our service to the natural products industry and to the people of Atlanta was recognized nationally in 2014 when Good Nutrition was honored to be named "Retailer of the Year" by Vitamin Retailer magazine, a highly respected publication for the industry.